SPARC Mailing List (Listserv)

The SPARC Mailing List subscription settings have been changed from open subscription to being confirmed by the list owner, who is our faculty advisor. This was done after people not affiliated with SPARC subscribed and proceeded to use the SPARC mailing list as a forum for debate. Anyone who wants to get involved or is interested in SPARC activities should subscribe by contacting the list owner <owner-sparc(at)>.


Sign-up to our mailing list by composing and sending the following message with your your favorite mail program:

Message Screenshot] [D]

Or subscribe to the mailing list by simply submiting the Web Form


Web Archives of past messages sent to the sparc mailing list are on the web. Check them out to catch up, or read about past activism and discussion.

Posting to the List

Once you are subscribed to the list, you post a message to the list by sending a message to sparc (at)

Unsubscribing from the List

To leave the sparc list, send e-mail to: and put:

unsub sparc


signoff sparc

Retrieving Archives With ListServ Commands

Some messages sent to sparc were not made public and are not available on the Web Archives. To get access to these messages Listerv commands need to be used. Listserv is the name of the mailing list software.

Here are commands that can be sent to the listserver ( in the body of a message

   index sparc               (to see what files are available)
   get sparc log9705         (e.g. to get the 1997 May monthly file)
   search meeting in sparc   (e.g. to get a list (or index) of the
                             message  numbers containing the
                             word "meeting")
   getpost sparc 2 4 6-9     (e.g. get the actual message(s), by
                             number, found in the above search command)

Notes on Email Client Features

Turn off automatic signature generation in your mailer when sending commands to the Listserv. Listserv won't understand your signature lines and will just give you error messages.

Do not use your mailer's confirmation of reading, mail notification or auto-reply features, these are not understood by the Listserv software.