Solidarity Action For Gap Sweatshop Workers

Unlike other apparel companies, GAP Inc., led by Chairman Donald Fisher has refused to take responsibility for cleaning up its horrible sweatshops and its use of child labor. This Wednesday, join VT Students Against Sweatshops and other concerned citizens to speak out against GAP's horrible labor practices.

What: Anti-sweatshop demonstration against GAP, Inc. (owners of GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic), leafleting, anti-sweatshop "caroling".
When: Wednesday, December 13 from 4.00 pm until 5.15pm
Where: Meet at the Unitarian Church, Church Street. We will then proceed to the Banana Republic across from Old Navy.
What You Can Do: Show up with a sign (or without) at the Unitarian Church on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.

Background: On January 13-14, 1999, three separate lawsuits were filed challenging the unlawful sweatshop conditions in the Saipan, CNMI garment industry. A total of 26 U.S. based retailers and manufacturers have been sued for doing business in Saipan and using "indentured slavery." The 18 companies that have settled the lawsuit have agreed to abide by the new Saipan Code of Conduct which includes prohibiting Saipan-based contractors from violating the law in the future. It also requires factories to be monitored by Vérite, a non-profit Massachusetts based independent monitoring firm. In addition, the settlement calls for retroactive relief, payments to garment worker class members whose rights were violated in the past. With the 18 companies, the settlements have totaled almost $8.5 million. However, GAP, INC. and Chairman Donald Fisher still refuse to settle the lawsuit and will not take responsibility for cleaning up its horrible sweatshops and use of child labor.

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