Racist Links

Take a look at the people who make our mission hard. Hopefully these links will anger you and spur you to action.

www.whitepower.com: oh boy, oh boy, such wit... my favorite part is the oh-so-intelligent image at the top of a nazi busting out of a computer monitor to beat a jewish boy. i also like the fact that in the 2nd sentence the creator of the page says he is "sick and tired of the usual paranoia-ridden finger pointing"...i wonder if he understands the irony in that statement.

plunder and pillage: hmmm...what can i say? these bonehead fools openly admit to being 'bred to hate.' they even have a downloadable desktop theme for windows 95 so you too can be openly idiotic.

The 14 Word Press: yeah, i've got 14 words for you, "if you want a better future, we all must work together as one, UNITY!" so why don't they tell us, what is hate?...

...more fools to come...