Alternative Media Sources

Counter Punch - Radical daily news site organized by the newsletter of the same name by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

ZNET - Latest independent views, analysis and resources operated by Z Magazine.

Independent Media Center (IMC - IndyMedia) - Indenependent international news and open newswire publishing.

Left Hook - Online journal representing a forum for the American youth on the radical left.

Democracy Now - Home of resistance journalism out of New York with host Amy Goodman.

Fairness and Accuracy in the Media (FAIR) - National media watch group.

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) - Gaining media access for those whose perspectives are commonly drowned out by corporate-backed think tanks and other influential institutions.

Progressive Magazine - Journal for peace and social justice.

In these Times - Independent newsletter and magazine, receiving honors from Project Censored

Dollars and Sense - Accessible economic justice newsletter.

Monthly Review - Independent socialist/ant-imperialist monthly journal since 1949.

New Left Review - Bi-monthly journal from London since 1962.

[Earth First! Fist]Earth First! Journal - Documenting the uncompromising, anti-industry, environmental community of people defending the environment, enforcing international law, fighting with nonviolent direct action, civil disobedience and monkeywrenching tactics. The disorganization that says no compromise in defense of mother earth.

Synthesis/Regeneration - A magazine of Green social thought.

Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Directory and Resources - A resource compiled by UVM History professor, Jay Moore.

The Nation - Liberal weekly.

Alter.Net - Project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.

Common Dreams - Breaking progressive news.

Alternative Press Review - Online and print newsletter.

Toward Freedom - Quarterly newsletter out of Burlington, Vermont.

Free Press - Progressive newspaper in Columbus, Ohio.

Al Jazeera - English version of the Arab World news channel.

Anti-Imperialist News Service - Weekly newsletter, antim-imperialist resource area and news service.

Brave GNU World - Monthly column from the Free Software Foundation.

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