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Limited Competitions

A limited competition is a grant program in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications that can come from a single institution. It is then UVM's responsibility to make sure that it does not exceed the permitted number of applications.

The Process

SPA monitors several sources for announcements of limited competitions. When a limited competition is identified, we post it to a running list of limited competitions on our website and send a notice to the Deans, Directors and Chairs of appropriate units. This notice includes:

If the number of UVM investigators wishing to apply exceeds the number permitted, the final decision rests with either the Vice President for Research if interest is across colleges, or by the Dean if all applicants are within one college. SPA then informs investigators of the decision and those selected can begin preparing a full proposal at that time.

If you wish to apply and did not already receive an announcement with instructions from your department chair or dean please follow the instructions from the "Campus Announcement" link or contact Hilda Alajajian at

Important Caveat

Please note that the list of limited competitions compiled by SPA is not exhaustive. Anyone who wants to apply to a limited competition not posted on the list should contact SPA so we can post the opportunity and conduct the process described above.

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