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Subaward Issue and Monitor UOP

Issuing and Monitoring Subawards on Sponsored Agreements UOP

Effective on April 1, 2014, the Issuing and Monitoring Subawards on Sponsored Agreements University Operating Procedure (UOP) replaces and is largely the same as the former university policy related to subrecipient monitoring. 

It outlines how the university issues and monitors agreements with our subrecipient collaborators and conforms to the requirements set forth by our federal sponsoring agencies.

  • UVM will continue to take a risk-based approach to monitoring its subrecipients, and changes to the processes are limited to Sponsored Project Administration (SPA)

  • SPA will perform a risk assessment prior to entering into a subaward agreement or modifying an existing one

  • The subrecipient responses to the Subrecipient Commitment Form and Audit Certifications will be the basis of this risk assessment

  • Subrecipientsposing higher risk may require more rigorous or direct monitoring by SPA

Principal Investigators remain responsible for monitoring subrecipient performance, collecting and reviewing subrecipient performance reports, and reviewing and approving subaward invoices for compliance with the subaward terms and reasonableness relative to the work performance.  

The Principal Investigator's administrative unit remains responsible for supporting the Principal Investigator in this work.

For additional information, please review the recent Sponsored Project Training Program presentation or contact the SPA’s Senior Negotiation and Subaward Compliance Analyst.

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