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Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Research Training for Subrecipients

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In support of our University’s mission to create, evaluate, share, and apply knowledge, we expect our faculty to engage in cutting edge research and to facilitate the transfer of the results of that work to the public.

Often, the public is best served in this regard through collaboration with the private sector. University investigators contribute to technology transfer, not only as researchers, but also through interactions with the private sector as scientific consultants, inventors, and company founders. These relationships while beneficial, may also influence, or be perceived as influencing, an investigator’s scientific judgment.

Conflicts of interest in sponsored research arise in situations where an investigator with responsibilities for the design, conduct or reporting of research has personal financial interests which may compromise, or give the appearance of compromising his or her judgment in these activities. Either a real or apparent conflict of interest may result in a breach of public trust and confidence in research outcomes.

It should be noted that having a conflict of interest or potential conflict is not wrong. Conflicts frequently arise with technology transfer and translational research. It is to the benefit of the public, researchers, and sponsors of research that potential conflicts are identified early and appropriately managed.

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