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Searchable Databases - InfoEd SPIN

  • SPIN has been completely revamped to integrate with a modern full-text search engine.
  • Users can now perform simple or complex searches against the entire text of the SPIN database or by selecting keywords.
  • As always, the SPIN database includes funding opportunities from all types of sponsors, including
    • federal agencies
    • non-federal agencies
    • foundations
    • professional societies
    • associations and corporations

Searching SPIN in BASIC Search Mode

Use Basic Search Mode to do a simple search using words or short phrases to search the entire text of the SPIN opportunity record.

  1. Login to InfoEd with your UVM NetID and password and navigate to Find Funding at the top of the screen.  If the upper right hand corner of the resulting screen says ADVANCED click on it to change it to BASIC
  2. For easy instructions click on the ? box for Keyword Search Help.  The grid below summarizes how you can enter multiple terms.
  3. Click the Search button to run the search and display results.
  1. Maximum results per screen may be adjusted at the button where it says 10 - click the drop-down box arrow and make selection.
  2. Refine results by using the first two tabs at the top: Category Filters and Options.

***Important *** To start a new search and clear current search terms, click on the InfoEd/SPIN logo in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will clear any search terms you have typed into the search term box.  It will not however, clear the Category Filters and Option Selections.  Category filters and Options will be saved indefinitely until you change and save each one or by clearing them all at once with the reset filters button that appears after you run a search.

Searching SPIN in Advanced Search Mode

Use the Advanced Search Mode to search on specific fields of the SPIN program record or to search using keywords.

  1. Log into InfoEd with your UVM NetID and password and navigate to Find Funding at the top of the screen.  If the upper right hand corner of the resulting screen says BASIC click on it to change it to ADVANCED.
  2. Make selections under the Category Filters and Options tabs on the top yellow menu bar.
  3. Choose either the default AND or drop-down OR for connecting search terms.
  4. Click on the hyperlinked square box next to the AND/OR operator to choose which program record fields you want to search on.  The default is Full program and will search on all the fields; identical to doing a search in Basic Search Mode. To choose other fields to search on, click the little arrow next to the Full Program field to open up a drop-down list of all available fields. Use the text box next to each field selected to enter desired terms on which you wish to search.
  5. Continue to click the hyperlinked square box next to the AND/OR operator to add each additional search term in the specific field desired.
  6. After adding all desired terms, click on the black Search button to run search and return results.

Searching SPIN with Keywords

Searching SPIN using keywords is still available but not as user friendly as it was in the previous version of SPIN.  Instructions for searching SPIN using keywords follow here but I recommend using Pivot for keyword searching if you find the new SPIN keyword searching unsatisfactory. Keywords are now based on the Library of Congress subject headings. Unlike the previous version of SPIN, keywords are not displayed for selection, but rather are displayed once you type in a term.  The results will include keywords that contain that term.  From the displayed results, you can select the keywords you want to search on and save them to a group.  To search using keywords follow steps 1-4 listed above under Searching SPIN in Advanced Search Mode and then continue with the steps listed below.

  1. For step number 4; choose Keywords from the drop-down list.
  2. Click on the yellow key icon to the right of the search text box.
  3. Use text box to enter desired terms for which you want to locate keywords; then click on Search.
  4. Change the default screen results from 10 to 100 at the bottom of the screen.
  5. For now the best method for choosing desired keywords is to go through each screen of results and put a check in the box next to the desired keywords - then click "save selections and continue" and name your group of keywords.  If there is more than one screen of keywords you will have to X out of the saved group screen and click back on the yellow key icon box; retype your original term and navigate to the next screen and make those selections.  This time when you click "save selections and continue" you can choose the existing group name you used for the first screen and they will be added to that group for searching.  Then X out of that screen.
  6. Finally to search on your newly created group of keywords, click on the black arrow next to the "equal to" search box; select your named group of keywords from the drop-down list and click on the black Search button.  


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