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Recognition Allocation Reporting

  • Recognition Allocation Reporting is discontinued as of FY18.

  • For some time now, UVM faculty members have requested reports that recognize multiple investigators on collaborative projects. 
  • In response, SPA now publishes a new monthly Recognition Allocation Report as a companion to our existing reports.
  • While our traditional reports list proposals by a single principal investigator and his/her academic unit, the Recognition Allocation Reports allocate multi-investigator proposals across each contributinginvestigator’s name and academic unit.
  • SPA leaves it up to a project’s collaborating investigators to determine the most appropriate allocation. 
  • It is important that principal investigators add the allocation information to routing forms for new proposals or when SPA requests it for awards received for proposals submitted prior to this new practice.
  • The Recognition Allocation Reports provide a mechanism to acknowledge the talent and contributions of all investigators who contribute to a project’s success.

Announcement of New Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the new process and reports is to recognize the talent and expertise of multiple investigators and academic departments that collaborate on successful proposals and contribute to the resulting creative, scientific and scholarly work.

How Does it Work?

When more than one investigator or department is involved in a sponsored project, the recognition allocation can be used to assign recognition, indicated as a percentage, to the investigators and departments that are involved in the proposal activities. A percentage is assigned to each investigator and these percentages are used to list proposals across investigators and academic units in the new recognition reports.

Who Determines Allocation?

Assigning the allocation is the responsibility of the collaborating investigators, and is generally determined at the time the proposal is submitted. The allocation is indicated to Sponsored Project Administration on the Sponsored Project Routing Form.

What are Guidelines for Determining the Allocation?

There are no specific guidelines; the allocation is a judgment call among the investigators.  Factors to consider include the proportion of tasks each investigator will undertake to accomplish the work and the intellectual contribution to the project’s design.

How Does this Relate to the Allocation of F&A (Indirect) Recovery for Research Fund Distribution?

The Recognition Allocation is unrelated to the Allocation of F&A Recovery for Research Incentive Fund Distribution.

How Does this Relate to an Individual's Percent Effort on the Grant?

The Recognition Allocation is separate and distinct from the person’s percent effort charged to the grant. The recognition allocation should be thought of as the person’s relative contribution to the project, regardless of his or her level of effort.

How is the Allocation Recorded?

The Investigators indicate the Allocation Recognition (as a percentage) on the Sponsored Project Routing Form in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Total must equal 100%
  • Up to 10 individuals may be named
  • All individuals must be listed on the proposal budget worksheet by name
How will this new data be used?

UVM’s Sponsored Project Administration started publishing new monthly and annual recognition reports of awards and applications as companion reports to our existing reports listing projects by the responsible administrative unit.  The new reports list multi-investigator proposals under each contributing investigator’s name and department, along with the allocation percentage.

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