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Guidelines for Post Award Budget Change Requests

This document provides comprehensive guidance and information pertinent to document and process post award budget change requests.

Outlined below is the information to be included in your request to SPA. These requests should be emailed to the SPA Financial Analyst (FA) supporting the unit. 

Here is a link to find out who supports your unit - Contact by Department

  1. Identify the award id and project id

  2. Identify the changes to the budget lines or additional lines that need to be set up

  3. The request should be tied to the scope of work for the project, as outlined in the accepted proposal/award document. This is to ensure documentation of allocability.

  4. If the requested budget line was included into the budget justification of the proposal or outlined in the award document, additional justification is not required. Instead, other pertinent information such as the urgency of the request would be helpful if provided. Requests for changes close to the project end date may require additional justification.

  5. If the requested budget line was neither included in the budget justification of the proposal, nor outlined in the award document, a confirmation that there will not be a change in scope as a result of this request must be included. This confirmation must be from the PI, obtained and provided to SPA by the department administrator.

  6. Below are budget categories on which F&A is not collected

  • F6532 - Tuition & Fees
  • F6127 - Patient Care Expenses
  • F6101 - Participant Expenses
  • F6521 - Sub-Award >$25k
  • F6500 - Equipment
  • F6350 - Non-UVM Facilities Rental
  • F6910 - Alterations & Renovations
  • F6450 – Acquisitions
  1. Below are budget categories that require direct cost justification forms. Please send the completed forms with your budget change request. For more information on the Cost Policy, please use this link - Cost Policy on Sponsored Agreements

  • F6002 - General Supplies & Services
  • F6020 - Computer Services
  • F6301 - Utilities
  • F6006 - Memberships & Subscriptions
  • F6510 - Equipment Maintenance
  • F6007 - Work Order Services
  • F6320 - Telephone & Telecom Services
  1. Foreign travel (F6052) on federal funds must adhere to the requirements of the Fly America Act and other UVM international travel processes.  Please refer to the "Guidance on Fly America Act" for helpful information.

  2. Other noteworthy points

  • The net of changes for any re-budget must be zero
  • Transfer of budget dollars from cost share to sponsored funds is not permitted
  • The total of the sponsored budget cannot change
  • The full chartstring including the program code, if any, should be provided.

Outlined below is the process that the SPA Financial Analyst follows after receiving the request from departments.

  1. The FA verifies and ensures that the request is in line with federal (if applicable), university, and sponsor guidelines as well as the specific award terms and conditions.

  2. If prior approval is required for the rebudget, the FA notifies the SPA Research Administrator to coordinate submitting the request to the sponsor.

  3. Once the sponsor approval is obtained or in cases where SPA determines that sponsor approval is not necessary, a SPA team lead approves the direct cost justification form, if needed. This usually happens within a day.

  4. The FA verifies the available budget balance and calculates the revised budget amounts.

  5. The FA enters the budget changes in the project budget page in PeopleSoft.

  6.  A SPA team lead approves the budget changes and the FA finalizes these changes

  7. The finalization of the budget results in changes in the budget overview page and other budget reports.

  8. The FA notifies the department that the changes have been finalized.

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