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Federal Government Shutdown and End of Shutdown - last updated October 24, 2013

10-24-13 Revised Submission Deadlines for NSF Programs including the Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology

10-23-13 Updated NIH Guidance Re: Applications Affected by Shutdown

  • Late yesterday, NIH posted an update to their post-shutdown guidance, available here: NOT-OD-14-007 

  • Most significantly, this update affects PIs who have submitted applications for the June and July, 2013 deadlines.  

  • NIH had originally stated that these applications would not be reviewed until the May 2014 Advisory Council round, and would essentially be "lumped" together with applications from the October and November, 2013 deadlines, giving a potential advantage to PIs who chose to delay their applications until October/November to make them stronger.  

  • Recognizing this, NIH gave guidance in NOT-OD-14-003 allowing applicants to "refresh" their applications by withdrawing them by November 8th and resubmitting them by November 20th.

Now, with NOT-OD-14-007, NIH is revising two major points:
  • As many applications as possible will be reviewed in October and November, as originally planned before the shutdown, and will remain in the January 2014 Advisory Council round.

  • If an application will be bumped to the May 2014 Council round, the PI and and SO will be notified.  These applications will show the meeting date as "09/09/9999" in Commons so that they are easy to identify. The PI may choose to withdraw the application by November 15th, "refresh" it, and resubmit by December 11th.  This option is only available for those applications that are not scheduled for review during the January 2014 council round, and have the "09/09/9999" date in Commons.

If you have any question or would like to review options for your application(s), please do not hesitate to contact your SPA research administrator, or call the SPA main line at 656-3360.

10-21-13 NIH Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

10-18-13 NIH Update Interim Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities

10-18-13 NSF Policy and System Issues at Resumption of Operations

10-17-13 NSF Resumption of Operations at the National Science Foundation

10-17-13 Federal Government Shutdown Has Ended

  • The federal government shutdown has ended.  Government employees are returning to work today and we anticipate agencies will slowly begin resuming normal operations.  

  • SPA will continue to monitor federal agency communications, and will proceed with submitting proposals as soon as possible on an agency-by-agency basis.

10-10-13 Federal Government Partial Shut Down - Update

TO:  UVM Community
FROM:  Wendy Koenig, Director of Federal Relations and Jennifer Gagnon, Interim Associate Vice President for Research Administration
RE:  Federal Government Partial Shut Down - Update

As we enter day nine of the partial government shutdown, things remain gridlocked. The US House and Senate have not come to any agreement on funding the government as we inch towards the country’s deadline on raising the debt limit, set for October 17th.

On Capitol Hill, each office has decided which staffers are essential to their operations, so work continues on a limited basis and is focused on finding a solution to this budget crisis. We receive daily reports that Congress continues to attempt to reach a “grand bargain,” which would address deficit reduction, the sequester, spending, taxes, and entitlements, but have yet to find a permanent solution.

This situation continues to impact all of us on campus. Many factors will play into whether or not federally funded activities will be disrupted, including the duration of the shutdown, which federal agency is funding the research, how the research is funded, and what federally supported infrastructure you rely upon to conduct your research. For specific details on each research agency’s shutdown guidance, we recommend you consult the updates provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) R&D Budget and Policy program. You can also visit this White House website to read the shutdown plans for all federal agencies. Also, UVM Sponsored Project Administration is providing constant updates that are most relevant on their website (

We will continue to monitor the partial government shutdown daily. We encourage anyone with questions to please contact Wendy Koenig in the Office of University Relations or Jennifer Gagnon in SPA at any time. We are here to help.

10-01-13 Impact of Government Shutdown on UVM Research and Awards Process

October 1, 2013

To:  UVM Investigators

From:  John Evans, Interim Vice President for Research and Jennifer Gagnon, Interim Associate Vice President for Research Administration

Re:  Government Shutdown - Impact on Research and Awards Process

As of the writing of this communication, a new FY 2014 Appropriations Act has not yet been signed into law. The Government is under a partial shutdown. The following summarizes our best understanding of the impacts on the university research community.

What are the current impacts?

  • Continue to conduct awarded research as usual.

  • Recognize that communications with federal offices by phone, email, or via websites will be delayed, or in some cases, may not be possible.

  • Access to new awards may be delayed.

  • Approvals of new applications will be delayed.

Our current Understanding of a number of issues is summarized below:

  • will be operational and will accept applications. However, applications will not be processed until normal business operations are restored. Further, NIH strongly encourages applicants NOT to submit paper or electronic grant applications during the period of the lapse. Adjustments to application submission dates that occur during the funding lapse will be announced once operations resume. NIH recommends waiting to submit any application until after operations resume and a Notice in the NIH Guide concerning adjusted submission dates is posted. In the meantime, please continue to work with the Sponsored Project Administration Research Administrator to finalize applications so that they are ready to submit once updated deadlines are announced.

  • Work may continue on all awards to the extent that doing so will not require federal staff intervention and that funds are available.

  • Most Federal Offices, such as NIH, NSF, NASA, DOD, and USDA, have stated that they will not be available to provide routine administrative support services or non-essential support.

  • Grant payments will continue be processed following the existing controls as long as the drawdown requests do not trigger the Payment Management System (PMS). HHS, however, will maintain the Payment Management System in an operational status to continue processing grant drawdown requests and other permissible disbursements.

  • NSF websites including FastLane will not be available. NSF staff will not be available to respond to emails or phone calls during the shutdown. Payments will not be made during the funding hiatus.

  • NASA non-excepted work may continue as long as funds already obligated remain available, the work does not require access to a NASA or other closed Government facility, and the work does not require any civil servant oversight or other government support that would be funded by a lapsed appropriation. However, based on the Agency's shutdown plan, it may be necessary to suspend or reduce planned work during a funding hiatus. NASA contributions under cooperative agreements, whether in the form of human capital or facility access, would not be available for non-excepted activities.

  • Application deadlines remain unchanged for sponsors other than NIH. Move forward as if it the deadline is the same. If a deadline is extended, applicants will be notified by the agency.

Visit Sponsored Project Administration’s website or contact the SPA research administrator with whom you work at 656-3360 if you have additional or specific questions.

10-01-13 Government Shutdown

  1. SPA has been monitoring communications from our federal funding agencies as the impacts of the government shutdown become known.

National Science Foundation

Department of Health and Human Services which includes NIH, SAMHSA, HRSA

Other Federal Agencies Contingency Plans

More news and updates will be posted here as they become available.  Please contact your SPA research administrator with questions about your specific sponsored project.

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