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Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Subaccount Transition 

List of Impacted Awards


The agencies under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), are in the process of transitioning their payment request method. 

Instead of requesting a single payment for all active DHHS awards, grantees are now required to draw funds on an award by award basis. 

This transition has already begun for competing continuations and new awards. 

Starting October 1, 2015, this change will affect all non-competing continuations as well. 

To accomplish their new requirements, DHHS will shorten the current award segment and issue the next, non-competitive year under a new award segment. 

UVM is required to close out the old/current segment and submit a final financial report in eRA Commons. 

Principal Investigators are not required to submit any additional programmatic reporting due to this change.

In practical terms, the impacted grants will be:

  1. Closed out in the middle of a non-competitive segment. This is a one-time requirement. SPA will work with the appropriate Principal Investigators and department administrators to go through the usual closeout steps, including submitting a required financial report to the sponsor.

  2. Assigned new project IDs and chartstrings for the next year of the non-competitive segment. This means that salary distributions and other automatically allocated expenses must be updated to reflect the new chartstrings. Behind the scenes, the InfoEd and PeopleSoft award numbers will also change, but this should be seamless to the end user.

Please note that there are less than 20 awards that are impacted. These additional points will be helpful as you evaluate the potential impact to your unit:

  • All of the non-Snap awards, for which UVM is required to report annually to the sponsor, have already transitioned into the new process. SPA was able to accomplish this behind the scenes, with no impact to our customers.

  • In those cases where UVM is a subrecipient of a DHHS grant that is undergoing this transition, SPA will continue to work with our sponsors to provide the information or invoices they need to finalize this work at the prime recipient organization.

  • SPA created this powerpoint presentation with additional details about this transition.

  • SPA will reach out to the Principal Investigators of impacted grants and their respective department administrators to review this transition in more detail. 

  • SPA will also update the list periodically as new InfoEd numbers and chartstrings are assigned.

Finally, in case you are interested, here is a link to a helpful FAQ page from the NIH website on this topic -

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