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Awards for Sociology Students

UVM Sociology is a member of
Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honors Society. Our advanced majors and minors who excel are inducted into the Society in an awards ceremony every spring semester. This distinct honor can be helpful to students’ future career advancement, and gives them a way to stay connected to the field of sociology.

Also each year, the Department of Sociology awards up to five prizes: the award to the Most Outstanding Senior Major, Most Outstanding Junior Major, and, if merited, the Jeannette R. Folta Award, the Valerie Ann Moore TA Award, and the Frank Sampson Excellence in Social Theory Award.

The Jeannette R. Folta Memorial Award is an honor bestowed only during those years when the Sociology Department Folta Awards Committee determines that a graduating senior has shown special fortitude in meeting significant challenges, has succeeded academically, and also has plans to pursue a graduate degree.

The Valerie Ann Moore TA Award is an honor bestowed to a junior or senior who, as a Teaching Assistant, has best exemplified the special teaching and mentoring qualities embodied by our colleague
Valerie Ann Moore (1964-2006).

2013 awardees:

bullet Megan Kier and Erika Parry received the Most Outstanding Senior Major Award.
bullet Eliza Novick received the Most Outstanding Junior Major Award.
bullet Durieka Campbell, Devinne Gosselin, and MandyWooster received the Jeannette R. Folta Memorial Award.
bullet Eliza Goddard and Nina Sauer-Tondu received the Valerie Ann Moore TA Award.