Careers in Sociology
Check out our Sociology Alumni Facebook page to see what some of our graduates are doing. For some general information about careers for sociology students, see What Research Skills Do Sociology Undergraduates Take into the Labor Market? (PDF) by William Erskine and Roberta Spalter-Roth, and What are they Doing with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology? (PDF) An ASA Research Brief by Roberta Spalter-Roth and Nicole Van Vooren.

At UVM, Sociology is similar to other liberal arts degrees, such as philosophy and history, insofar as the skills you acquire are "transferrable" to many fields. People with bachelors degrees in history do not become historians without graduate training, nor do most sociology bachelors become sociologists. However, our students go into a variety of fields because a liberal arts degree equips students to do research, write and read critically and analytically so they can be trained for any kind of work. Many public or nonprofit agencies, governmental bureaus, and community programs hire applied sociologists, as do organizations that need people with skills in sociological methodology and social statistics.Our students sometimes work in human service agencies, but also go on to Masters in social work programs, law school, and many other fields.

Meet a few of our graduates:

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