Teaching Assistants/Aids

Teaching Assistants (a.k.a. teaching aids) are generally students who have taken at least 12 hours of Sociology and assist a faculty member by, for example, conducting weekly discussion groups, helping with grading, preparing lecture materials, and/or other responsibilities. Students apply to be a TA by filling out a form and then contacting the instructor. They typically have already taken the course they will be TAing for. Once chosen as a TA, students register for Soc. 289, giving them 3 credits at the 200-level. In a few cases, students may be able to TA for pay instead of for credit. If interested, please contact Bev Cooper or Salli Griggs for a TA application. Permission of the instructor is necessary and an override required.

This fall, courses likely to need TAs include Soc. 1 (Cowan), Soc. 19 (Matsumoto or Davis), Soc. 95 (Burke), and Soc. 100 (Strickler or Danigelis).