Why intern? Internships are an excellent way to take your classroom experiences and apply them in a real world setting.

Presently, students can get sociology credit for an internship only through our course, Soc. 286: Internship. In Spring 2014, the internship seminar will be taught by Susan Munkres, at 10:00-11:15 T-Th. (For Fall 2014, see the information below for Career Services internships.)

For Soc. 286, students are required to choose and arrange their own internships in a local, off-campus non-profit for the spring semester. Students are supervised independently through enrollment in this course. The internship coordinators for the department are Professor Alice Fothergill and Professor Kathy Fox. For more information on Sociology internships, contact
Alice Fothergill at 656-2127.
Students who want an internship experience but do not need sociology credit might consider earning course credit through the Service-Learning office of Career Services. Contact Mary Barritt for more information ( Generally internships require 10-15 hours a week of service in the agency site for three hours of course credit. Sociology requires a rigorous scholarly component as well, participating in a once a week seminar, doing a sociological literature review, and writing a final research paper. To find out which non-profit internships are available locally, consult the Career Services website.