Laura Fishman
 Associate Professor

Professor Laura Fishman (Ph.D. McGill University), the recipient of the Dr. Coramae Richey Mann Distinguished Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology in 2000, teaches courses in the sociology of drugs, crime, criminal justice, corrections, family violence, and deviant behavior. Her book,
Woman at the Wall: A Study of Prisoners' Wives Doing Time on the Outside (SUNY Press) was published in 1990. Her recent published articles include "Images of Crime and Punishment: the Black Bogeyman and White Self-Righteousness," in Zatz and Mann (eds.), Images of Color, Images of Crime, 1997; and "'Mule-headed Slave Women Refusing to Take Foolishness from Anybody': A Prelude to Future Accomodations, Resistance, and Criminality," in Muraskin (ed.), It's a Crime: Woman and Justice (Prentice Hall, 1999). She received the UVM Arts & Sciences Dean's Lecture Award in Spring of 1998, and has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at NDRI. Current research activities include (1) AIDS, drugs, crime and prisons; (2) families of prisoners; (3) images of crime, race, and gender.