Faculty - Daniel H. Krymkowski
Daniel H. Krymkowski, Professor

Area of expertise
mathematical sociology, statistics, social stratification, formal theory, research methods, modern Europe
Contact Information
Email: Daniel.Krymkowski@uvm.edu
Phone: (802) 656-2166

I study “Who Gets Ahead.”  Specifically, I am interested in why some individuals (and groups of people) receive more of the things we value (good health, money, power, social status) while others receive less.
To study such issues I utilize the scientific method.  This involves coming up with explanations (theories) of why the world works in the way that it does, and rigorously testing these explanations against evidence.  Rigor demands quantification, so I utilize mathematics in a variety of ways in my research.  This is why I’m probably best thought of as a mathematical sociologist.  Sometimes I actually write my theories down as mathematical equations.  In other situations my theories are provided verbally, and I test them using statistical methods applied to carefully gathered data.
One of my mathematical articles was published in 2001 in the
Journal of Mathematical Sociology. In this piece I attempt to precisely define and measure the concept "opportunity." My more recent work (done in collaboration with Professor Beth Mintz) deals with changing occupational differences between men and women and between whites and racial/ethnic minorities. Articles on this subject have been published in the journals Research on Social Stratification and Mobility (2008) and The Sociological Quarterly (2010).
I also study National Parks with Bob Manning, a professor in the Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources. We recently published an article in the journal
Leisure Sciences (2009) concerning the extent to which visitors to National Parks agree on how Parks should be managed.