Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in SOCIOLOGY
Need more information? The UVM Catalogue is the official source for information and requirements for the B.A. in Sociology. Visit the Catalogue.

Please note: After Spring semester 2017, the Major requirements have changed in small ways, and the minor requirements have changed substantially. If you were enrolled before Fall 2017 and have questions about which requirements apply to you, contact your advisor or Sociology Chair Prof. Dale Jaffe.

Current Major: For students who enrolled at UVM in Fall 2017 or later:
  • Soc 001
  • Stat 051 (or higher)
  • Soc 100 (a 4 credit course)
  • Soc 101
  • Nine additional credits at the 100-level
  • Nine additional credits at the 200-level
  • Three additional credits at any level
Go here for a current printable major requirements form. (The past major requirements form is here.)

Current Minor: Stat 51 or higher, Soc 001, and Soc 100 or 101; three additional credits at any level in Sociology, and six additional credits at the 100-level or above. [Click here to download a printable pdf form]

Things about requirements to keep in mind:
  • Soc/Psych Majors/Minors – Psych 053/054 sequence can substitute for our Soc. 100 methods requirement.  However, you will have to take another 100-level sociology course to take its place.  You will need to make sure you have at least 33 credits in Sociology, including the extra 100-level sociology course mentioned above. The Psychological Sciences sequence would substitute for Soc 100 for a minor selecting the Soc 100 option. Under the old rules, it does not substitute for Soc. 90. if you complete Psys 53-54/109-110, you do not need to take Stat. 51; you do need to come up with the 33 total credits in Sociology.
  • Only 3 credit hours of TA (188/288) may count toward the major. At least 3 of the 200 level credits must come from courses 202-281 or 295-296.
  • Your CATS report automatically knows the year you entered UVM and will audit your record based on the requirements of that year.  However, we have been told that the “What if?” option on your CATS report automatically provides the requirements from the most current catalogue year. 
  • If you need an advisor for your major or minor in Sociology, contact Salli Griggs.