Professor Dan Krymkowski: “Sociology by the Numbers”

From University Communications: “Dan Krymkowski has a simple way of describing the complicated research he's conducted for more than two decades on social stratification. "I study who gets ahead," he says. The mathematical formulas he uses to draw conclusions about why some people get ahead while others never attain social advantages like education, money and social status are a little more complicated.

“Krymkowski, associate professor of sociology who was named associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in February of 2010, is a mathematical sociologist who prefers quantitative research to qualitative. He has teamed with a number of colleagues around UVM to produce cutting edge research in a variety of subject areas.

“The effectiveness of Krymkowski's methods are most evident in his research with Beth Mintz, professor of sociology and expert on power structures and glass ceilings in the workplace. The pair has produced some eye opening discoveries in their examination of race, ethnicity and gender in the workplace, resulting in the exposure of a variety of power-related gaps that were thought to have closed with the attainment of more attractive jobs by women and minorities in so-called authority positions.”