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In Search Of Eastern Skiing in the Great Thaw of 1995
In Search Of Eastern Skiing in the Great Thaw of 1995
In Search Of Eastern Skiing: If I owned Stowe
In Search of Eastern Skiing
In Search of Eastern Skiing: Loon
In Search of Eastern Skiing: Sunday River
In Search of Eastern Skiing: Wildcat

Day 4 and 5 Sunday River ME.

The Doctor's Story

Midweek ticket price of 38.00.

Best snow money can make. It is amazing what God would do if she had the money.

The place is huge!! Conference center, 3 base lodges, one mid-station lodge (with a view you've got to see to believe), one new base lodge in the works (it's currently a hot dog cart but big plans are in the works), 14 lifts (I think) all triples, quads or detachable quads (except one which travels on the flat linking the new Jordan Bowl to the rest of the hills), tons of housing (which we didn't stay in -- frugality meant we got a motel lodge/Bed and Breakfast just at the bottom of the access road - 5 miles from hill). Skied up and down and up and down and didn't ride the same lift 2 times in a row - just roamed the hill. By the way, the detachable quad at the new Jordan Bowl has a kick when it starts that will throw you off if you're not braced for it and really motors.

Pretty cool actually. The Ski-monster has the stats on vertical etc., my impressions are more subjective. They had real snow but had been making tons of it too. The surface was strange -- almost carpet-like smooth and I think they get that by pulling a carpet along behind the groomers. They have trademarked Sunday River snow. The one run I took on an ungroomed surface was mostly Sunday River (TM) snow but it was fun. Ski-monster did the bad bumps stuff and they looked ugly from where I surveyed the scene but I found some nice friendly-sized bumps and they were fun too. Took a clinic (first lesson in 8 years.) They use the trademarked "Perfect Turn" teaching (so does Sugarbush which is about to be purchased by the Sunday River organization). Small sized classes (no more than 6, actual size was 2), geared to your level (watch a video and find out where you are), and what you want (they ask). They guarantee you'll ski better (or feel better about how you ski I guess) or your money back. I was happy - suggestion for all blue-square skiers trying to advance - take a lesson (at least more than once every 8 years).

Off slope information...after all skiers don't live by snow alone. Had a great meal in Bethel in a funky restaurant located in a Victorian house. If you go to Bethel eat at Mother's and order the curried fish stew served in a bread bowl and the chocolate mousse. Also, the latest trend for ski areas seems to be having a brew-pub at the end of the access road and Sunday River has one. Beers were OK but uneven.

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