Remigio Hodgson, well known songwriter and singer from Puerto Cabezas, has been a friend of the Sister City program since the mid 1980s. With his friend Milton "Tiger" Omier the two visited Vermont  during July of 1994 and performed at the Ben and Jerry "One World Music" concert, playing on stage with Pete Seeger. They performed their songs in many Vermont communities  and made friends all over the state. 
      Tiger died in 1995, but Remigio continues to write songs and play his music. When the Sister City Program heard that Remigio was without a guitar an effort was made to obtain a new one for him. Guitarist Paul Asbell, with a generous donation from Caliope Music Store, chose a new guitar for Remigio that was delivered to him during June of this year. 
     Remigio has written some new songs about life on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast which we recorded during the June visit and plan to make available on this website.


  During thier 1994 tour Remigio and Tiger gave a performance at the Video Cafe in Winooski.
A CD of that performace is available from the Sister City Program.

                                                                      Howard's intro 
                                                                    Nobody's business 
                                                                    It's been a long time 
                                                                        Banana #1 
                                                                   Yellow Belly Tankelly 
                                                                When the river go runnin down 
                                                                    intro BREAKAWAY 
                                                                        On and On 
                                                                      Weepin Willow 
                                                                         Mi Ropa 
                                                                        Holy Light 
                                                                  The world is spinnin bad 
                                                                   Traditional song medley 

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