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2018-2019 Academic Year 

Vote Date Title Passed?
02/19/19Bill Allocating Funds to Shooting Sports - Pistol/Rifle TeamYes
02/19/19Bill Allocating Funds to Shooting Sports - Shotgun TeamYes
02/19/19Bill Allocating Funds to Lawrence Debate UnionYes
02/19/19Bill Allocating Funds to TriathlonYes
02/19/19Resolution Supporting the Distribution of Sustainable Products by UVM Entities and Third-Party VendorsYes
02/19/19Bill Recognizing CS CrewYes
02/19/19Bill Recognizing Gaming GuildYes
02/05/19Bill Supporting the Confirmations of New SenatorsYes
02/05/19Resolution Supporting the Addition of Cigarette Butt Receptacles on CampusYes
02/05/19Bill Changing the Name of Vantage PointYes
02/05/19Bill Recognizing Engineering World HealthYes
02/05/19Bill Recognizing Pre-Dental SocietyYes
01/29/19Bill Allocating Funds to GymnasticsYes
01/22/19Bill Allocating Funds to Club SwimmingYes
01/22/19Bill Allocating Funds to Outing ClubYes
01/22/19Bill Derecognizing Humanitarian Mapping ClubYes
12/4/2018Resolution Supporting the Indication of Sexual Assault Misconduct on College TranscriptsYes
12/4/2018Resolution Recommending the Inclusion of Statements Encouraging Student Wellness on College SyllabiYes
12/4/2018Bill Recognizing the African Student Association Yes
12/4/2018Bill Allocating Funds to UVM CyclingYes
11/13/2018Resolution Supporting an Increase in the Annual Student Health Fee for the Purpose of Increasing Mental Health ResourcesYes
11/13/2018Bill Recognizing She's The FirstYes
11/6/2018Resolution Urging the Reinstatment of Arabic Programs in CASYes
11/6/2018Bill Recognizing The Pad ProjectYes
11/6/2018Resolution Supporting the Undergraduate Food PantryYes
11/6/2018Bill Approving the Student Activities Fee Increase by 3.74%Yes
11/6/2018Bill Allocating Funds to Women's Club SoccerYes
11/6/2018Bill Recognizing National Society of Black EngineersYes
11/6/2018Bill Allocating Funds Alianza LatinxYes
11/6/2018Bill Derecognizing 7 SGA ClubsYes
10/30/18Bill Allocating Funds Alianza LatinxYes
10/30/18Bill Allocating Funds to Men's RugbyYes
10/30/18Bill Recognizing UVM Progressives Yes
10/30/18Bill Recognizing Diversity in BusinessYes
10/30/18Resolution Supporting the Queer Student Union's Call for Support & ActionYes
10/23/18Bill Allocating Funds to the Crew TeamYes
10/23/18Resolution Supporting the Name Change of the Bailey Howe LibraryYes
10/23/18Bill Allocationg Funds to Club FootballYes
10/16/18Bill Recognizing Catamounts Supporting IsraelYes
10/9/18Bill Supporting the Confirmation of new SenatorsYes
10/9/18Bill Recognizing Chicks On Sticks VermontYes
10/02/18Bill Recognizing VtSAPHYes
10/02/18Bill Allocating Funds to UVM CyclingYes
09/25/18Bill Derecognizing the Climbing ClubYes
09/25/18Bill Changing the Name of The Chinese Student UnionYes
09/11/18Bill Changing the Name of Free2BeYes
09/11/18Bill Supporting the Confirmations of the 2018-2019 New SenatorsYes

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