February 27, 2014


Join the fellow teachers participating in “Engaging Young Scientists” workshops and World Water Day Celebration hosted by the Champlain Basin Education Initiative, of which Watershed Alliance is a partner.

Friday, March 21st at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

The workshops will provide helpful tips and learning tools for teachers engaged (or interested) in citizen science and water quality research and monitoring. The workshops will run from 1 pm- 4:30pm.  One of workshop presenters will be our very own Erin De Vries, illustrating our new water quality data filter system. The Water Day celebration will immediately follow (from 4:30 pm to 7pm) and will include a talk by guest speaker Lisa Borre, a global lake conservationist, and the awards ceremony for the student World Water Day Contest.  

Click on the respective links below to learn more about each event:

Engaging Young Scientists

World Water Day Celebration