University of Vermont

Center for Student Conduct

Student Conduct Incident Report

A Student Conduct Incident Report documents potential violations of University policy. If you have witnessed an incident which you believe has violated University policy, please fill out and submit an incident form. You can do this on-line or by contacting the Center for Student Conduct, Police Services, or your Residence Director.

To submit an on-line incident report, please fill out the form completely. We do not accept anonymous incident reports for student conduct. Once your report is reviewed by the Center for Student Conduct, we will contact you to verify its authenticity.

Should you have any questions about this matter or the student conduct process, please contact the Center for Student Conduct at (802) 656-4360 or stop by our office at Nicholson House, 41 South Prospect Street (next to Waterman).

Last modified July 23 2018 03:46 PM