University of Vermont

Center for Student Conduct

Our Commitment to Diversity and Social Justice

The Center for Student Conduct serves the University of Vermont's commitment to diversity and social justice by addressing student behavior and decision-making. We commit to remaining actively engaged in the ongoing process of educating ourselves on the social and systemic structures that perpetuate oppression. An active exploration, regardless of individual starting points, leads to growth.

Outreach, education, and intervention remain at the core of our mission. We acknowledge that given the presence of individual narratives, cultural norms and systemic oppression, consistent and fair applications of a developmental approach to our work may not always result in identical outcomes.

We aim to recruit, hire, and retain multiculturally competent professionals; provide ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development in the areas of diversity and social justice; and confront all forms of oppression, harassment, bias, intolerance, and incivility. In doing so, we strive to foster an inclusive and affirming campus climate for all students, faculty and staff.

Last modified September 14 2016 09:23 AM