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Center for Student Conduct

  • Community Standards
  • Academic Integrity
  • Conflict Intervention

The Center for Student Conduct seeks to foster student accountability and skill development in the areas of conflict resolution, dialogue, identity development and restorative practices. In doing so, we hope to help students develop self-awareness, and ultimately become more responsible, respectful and engaged members of our community.

Our Programs

To address alleged policy violations and promote a healthy, engaged, successful community...

  • Community
    Community Standards

    Develop a deeper understanding of your role as a Student within a community. This program resolves allegations of student misconduct under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Learn More...

  • Academic Integrity
    Academic Integrity

    Learn more about how you can support the academic integrity of the University of Vermont. Violations of the Code of Academic Integrity are any acts which would have the effect of unfairly promoting or enhancing one's academic standing within the entire community of learners. Learn More...

To educate and promote respectful communities...

  • Conflict Resolution
    Conflict Resolution

    Enables participants to develop comfort with, and skill of, a discourse of difficult topics toward the end of fostering positive, meaningful, and sustained cross-group relationships. Learn More...

  • Social Justice Mediation
    Social Justice Mediation

    Learn more about a new type of mediation that aims to limit bias and address power dynamics in conflict mediation. Learn More...

The biggest educational challenge we face revolves around developing character, conscience, citizenship, tolerance, civility, and individual and social responsibility in our students. We dare not ignore this obligation in a society that sometimes gives the impression that virtues such as these are discretionary. These should be a part of the standard equipment of our graduates, not options.

- National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges ("Returning to Our Roots: The Student Experience." 1997).

Meet the Staff

Nicholson House
41 South Prospect Street (near Waterman)
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: (802) 656-4360
Fax: (802) 656-8191

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Photo from Left to Right:
Sue, Troy, Deanna, Laura,
Anna, Rosie, and Kim

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