About our team

Considering how well known the Burlington community is for the love of outdoor sports and open-minded culture, it is no surprise that the Sailing Team is one of the most popular and competitive club sports at UVM. We compete in the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA), which is undoubtedly the most competitive district in college sailing. The team attends an average of 4 to 6 regattas per weekend. While the competition for spots at top events each weekend is hot, the expansive schedule ensures that everyone who demonstrates commitment and hard work at practice, will have the opportunity to sail. Most regattas that we attend are either fleet or team racing in double-handed dinghies, but the team sails in a variety of sloop and single-handed regattas as well. The team is funded as a club sport through the Student Government Association at UVM, and fundraises actively to augment its budget each season. We were lucky enough to get a brand new fleet of 18 FJs in the spring of 2013 and will have a beautiful new sailing facility, shared with the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center, starting in the fall of next year.

Where Are We?

The Community Sailing Center kindly hosts us and lets us practice out of their facility.


What does practice look like?

We practice four days each week. On Monday through Thursday we begin practice around 2:00 and work on drills through about 6:00 PM. We run drills that emphasize boat handling and boat speed daily and mix in practice races throughout the week.

How does traveling work?

On average, we travel to 4-6 regattas each weekend. Our coach makes the pairings and decides who will go to each event by the Tuesday before the event. On Friday, each group will drive to their respective venues after classes end. For the most part, the team competes at schools that are also in the NEISA (New EnglandIntercollegiate Sailing Association), which are usually a 3-5 hour drive away. On occasion we will drive to further venues for some intersectional events.

Is it hard to balance sailing with other commitments?

For some it can be an adjustment, and may seem over whelming at first. However, once things slow down after the first week or two, managing your time becomes rather easy. Many of our sailors are very active members (or even officers) of other clubs and organizations and have plenty of time for other activities, school work, and social life during the sailing season.

Can I come on a recruiting trip?

Absolutely! We encourage recruits to come during the fall of their senior year of high school. On this trip you would have the opportunity to stay with a Freshman or Sophomore in the dorms, sit in on classes that are part of your expected major, watch a practice, and meet with our coach. In addition to getting a feel for the team and UVM's academics, you would be able to enjoy all Burlington has to offer.

Should I bring sailing gear on this trip?

Yes, though you may not be able to sail, Lake Champlain can sometimes offer chilly conditions and you want to be comfortable on the coach boat during practice. (We recommend you bring spray gear, a life jacket, proper shoes and appropriate layers.)

Do we have any team workouts?

We have workouts twice each week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet in the gym. We do a variety of exercises that place emphasis on improving agility, strength, and endurance. We meet at 7:00AM so classes usually aren't a conflict, however if you are one of the poor souls who has a class that begins at 8:00 then you can leave a few minutes early to make it on time.

How long is your season?

We sail from September until November, and then begin again as soon as the ice thaws, usually in late March. As a substitute for lost time in March, we have a spring training trip during Spring Break, and often train with Boston teams on Fridays.

Does UVM offer scholarships for sailing?

The University of Vermont does not offer scholarships for sailing; in fact, under ICSA rules no sailor may receive financial support based on sailing ability.

What is Burlington like?

Burlington is a great town - it is in the truest essence a college town, complete with four local colleges. The surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and one can pursue a plethora of outdoor sports. As soon as the season ends, our sailors often head to the mountains to enjoy the winter season. With such great surroundings and such fun people, the city of Burlington is really a great place to live.