Call 911 to report any emergency.  

911 from a UVM campus landline phone (e.g. 656-####) will be answered at UVM's Police Services e-911 center.

911 from other phones (cell phones) will be answered by the nearest available e-911 center. Most likely, this will be the Vermont State Police barracks in Williston, VT.   If you are calling from a UVM building, be sure to immediately identify yourself as calling from University of Vermont so they will patch in UVM Police to the call.

Building, IAQ and Egress

Building-Related Safety Concerns

Many safety concerns focus on general building conditions.  Campus personnel may notice that a stair tread has come loose, that clutter or bicycles are blocking an egress.



UVM Police Services is a Fully sworn police agency with statewide authority, whose primary role is public safety.  To report a crime, leave a tip, check campus security alerts, or for lost and found, see their page at or call 802 656-3473.

Safety Policies

UVM Policies and Procedures

The following is a list of some of UVM's safety-related policies (click to download the policy as pdf).  You can view and download all official UVM policies at UVM Policies and Procedures Page.

Safety Home

At UVM, safety is a partnership and a shared responsibility, requiring the active involvement of people in all departments and positions. Whether you work in or use a laboratory, art studio, or an outdoor location off-site -- our goal is to help you be as safe as possible. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact us at  Find out more about UVM's Envir

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