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Reporting Concerns

The University of Vermont is strongly committed to fostering a "culture of compliance" and all employees have a role in achieving this goal. Employees are encouraged to ask questions regarding compliance issues or report incidents or situations that may involve unsafe conditions, violations of the University's Code of Business Conduct or other policy standards or legal requirements.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

This page shows the contents of UVM's Laboratory Safety Plan in an outline that is consistent with the Chemical Hygiene Plan as described in Appendix A of OSHA's Standard for Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories (1910.1450).

Laboratory Environmental Management Plan

UVM Environmental Management Plan for Management of Laboratory Chemical Wastes

Roles & Responsibilities

Managing Laboratory Safety at UVM

The University of Vermont is committed to providing a healthy and safe working and learning environment and to supporting environmentally sound practices in the conduct of University activities. This means that all University activities are to be conducted in a manner that ensures the safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors and the environment.

EMP Document Page

This page contains links to documents that help complete UVM's Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to comply with the Academic Waste Rule.  These documents are based on the Hazardous Waste Facility Permit granted to UVM to operate its Environmental Safety Facility (ESF).

The complete EMP can be found at http://www.uvm.edu/safety/policy/laboratory-environmental-management-plan

External Review

External Compliance Reviews

External Compliance Reviews may be required by outside parties for certification of the compliance status of a particular laboratory. Granting agencies often require this third party verification of safety compliance before funding will be granted.

Oversight Process

Laboratory Safety and Compliance Audits

This oversight procedure is designed to promote safety in the laboratory workplace and compliance with worker safety, environmental protection and fire prevention regulations as well as to implement UVM's Laboratory Health & Safety Policy

The steps in the Laboratory Compliance Oversight process:

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