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Toxic & Hazardous Substance Program Management

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employees have information on the safe use of chemicals. In laboratories, this information is governed by the Laboratory Standard, the Hazard Communication Standard and OSHA standards for specific chemicals. Each of the chemicals below has a specific OSHA standard.

If you are using any of these chemicals in significant quantities, contact Environmental Health and Safety at




Laboratory Emergency Response

In An Emergency...   

Get yourself to a safe location and call UVM Police by dialing 911.

You can also reach UVM Police by dialing 656-FIRE (6-3473).

If you call 911 from a cell phone, you will reach the Williston State Police Barracks. You must then identify yourself as being at University of Vermont.  They will patch in UVM Police while you state your emergency.

Chemical Safety

Laboratory work often involves the use of hazardous chemicals.  Before using a chemical, lab workers must become informed about chemical hazards in addition to their safe handling, storage, and disposal.  Information about chemical hazards can be found below.


Emergency Equipment

Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment must be maintained, inspected and tested to maintain proper working order as part of preparation and planning for an emergency. In the event of an emergency, properly functioning emergency equipment can help minimize both personal injury and property damage. Types of emergency equipment found in laboratories include eyewash stations, safety showers and fire extinguishers.

Emergency Prevention

Laboratory Emergency Prevention

Adhering to UVM's Environmental Safety Values will help prevent emergencies:

1. Safety: Ours and yours is the top priority during hazardous work.

2. Partnership: Government regulations were developed in response to actual situations that endangered the health of people and are designed to protect the health of the community and the environment. These are the second priority for UVM activities.

Emergency Response

Laboratory Emergency Response

In Case of Emergency: Call UVM Police at 911

For advice or assistance when you're not sure if the situation is an emergency,
call UVM Police at 656-3473.

If the situation is not an emergency, but you want to talk to Environmental Safety staff as soon as possible, call 656-2560, select option1 and ask that we be paged.

Emergencies are situations where there is a threat of a fire, life-threatening situations, or unexplained symptoms associated with an odor.

Forms and Information

Environmental Safety Services

ChemSource Ordering

Online form to order of chemicals and safety supplies from the Environmental Safety Facility

Chemical Waste Tag Entry

Use this on line form to notify Environmental Safety Facility that you have chemical wastes to be picked up. Note that completing this form requires a serial number for the paper tag to be attached to the waste container.

Laboratory Safety Online Courses

Online Orientation Safety Training for UVM Laboratory Workers.


Biohazardous Waste Management

In order to comply with state regulations, UVM requires that all solid biowaste be incinerated by our biowaste contractor. For an overview of this program, take the Biowaste Management Procedures on line course

Please forward any questions you have on this subject to Jeff LaBossiere, the Biosafety Program Coordinator, at

Chemical Waste

Chemical Waste Disposal

Proper chemical waste management is critical in avoiding serious personal health hazards and property damage, minimizing environmental contamination and adhering to regulatory requirements. To protect the health and safety of laboratory workers, Environmental Safety (ES) technicians and other building occupants, please follow all ES requirements regarding chemical labeling, disposal, storage and handling.

Lab Supplies & Services

Environmental Safety Supplies and Services available to UVM Laboratories

This document is an overview of supplies and services provided by UVM Environmental Safety (ES).

If you are new to UVM, a new Chemical Safety Officer, or have any questions about safety or compliance in your laboratory or any item listed below please contact us at We will be happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss the individual needs of your laboratory in relation to UVM safety guidelines.

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