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Terrill Hall

Emergency Purge Button


Each lab in Terrill has a red emergency purge button. This button will override the ventilation set point in the lab and immediately ramp up and increase airflow tin the lab to exhaust more odors out of the lab. This is a nice feature during or after a chemical spill cleanup.

Carrigan Wing of Marsh Life Science


Fume Hood Restrictions

The fume hood exhaust ducts contain heat exchangers. None of these fume hoods can support acid digestions. Please do not heat acids in these hoods.


Fume Hood Monitors    

Marsh Life Science

Fume Hoods

Marsh Life Science has Variable Air Volume (VAV) Hoods. This means that as the fume hood sash is lifted, an air velocity sensor within the fume hood detects the change in air velocity and the air control valves modulate so the air velocity maintains 100 feet per minute (fpm) at the face of the fume hood.

Stafford Hall

Fume Hood Controls

Jeffords Hall


Storage Limit for Flammable Liquids 

There is a 5-gallon limit on the storage of flammable liquids in each Jeffords building laboratory. This limit is based on fire code restrictions for a building of this type of construction.



Neutralization Tank

Colchester Research Facility


Fume Hood Proximity Sensors

Biowaste Management


Biohazardous and infectious (or potentially infectious) agents are routinely handled and manipulated in biomedical and animal laboratories. Biohazards include human samples and tissue cultures, bacteria, viruses, prions, parasites, toxins, recombinant DNA (rDNA) - which is used in expression vectors such as plasmids, infected or transfected/transduced cells, infected human or animal tissues, transgenic animals, and any material contaminated with a biohazardous agent.

Use of UV lamps in Biosafety Cabinets at UVM

Use of UV lamps in Biosafety Cabinets at UVM

Frequently Asked Questions - Hazardous Waste

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