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Building System Issues

Natural Gas Leak Or Odor

  • Pull fire alarm pull station.
  • Do not switch on or off any lights or equipment
  • Warn others in immediate area to evacuate the building
  • Leave the building using the nearest safe exit. Leave doors open if possible.
  • Call (local 911 UVM Police Services at 656-3473 (656-FIRE) )


Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Sounding

  • Random single beeps indicates detector needs service. Call 656-2560
  • Pattern of 4 quick beeps indicate alarm, potentially dangerous levels of CO.

Emergency Contact Information for CATWatch Program


UVM Emergency Website:


Campus Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Campus emergencies:  911
  • UVM Police Services information line: (802) 656-FIRE (3473)
  • Emergency Operations Information Line (recorded information): (802) 656-0000


Evacuation Procedures

In Case of Fire Alarm:

  • Evacuate the building using the nearest safest exit.
  • Close but do not lock doors behind you as you leave.
  • Do not use elevators!
  • If you encounter smoke or flames try another exit.
  • If there is smoke or heat in the hall stay low to the floor.
  • Take personal belongings with you (keys, purses, wallets, etc.).
  • Meet at the evacuation meeting place designated for your building.
  • Be alert for anyone who may need assistance evac

CATWatch Program Training Materials

Catwatch Plan Templates

Emergency Planning and Notification

CATWatch Coordinator Role

The CATWatch Coordinators are an important part of UVM's response to emergencies.  CATWatch Coordinators are primarily "fire wardens" or "floor wardens" who act appropriately and professionally when an emergency occurs, and provide an identifiable point of contact for the exchange of information about an emergency.

CATWatch Coordinators should:

Fire Safety Equipment

University of Vermont buildings are equipped with a variety of fire protection systems.  These systems provide for the safety of the occupants, and tampering with these systems is a civil or criminal offense.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fire-Related Resources

Additional resources for information about fire prevention and fire safety:

Vermont Division of Fire Safety

The Center for Campus Fire Safety

Campus Fire Watch

Fire Extinguishers

University of Vermont buildings are equipped with portable fire extinguishers.  For a printable guide to fire extinguisher use, click here. Physical Plant's Life Safety Systems staff check fire extinguishers monthly. 

UVM's CATWatch Program

About the Program:

The UVM Department of Risk Management and Safety, in collaboration with UVM Police Services, are pleased to offer the CATWatch program. This program supports the planning efforts of campus departments for a variety of emergencies that may arise and require immediate response. As with any safety program, the institution's responsibilities for emergency planning can only be met with help and participation from departments across campus.

Contact the Fire Marshal

For information on fire prevention, fire safety, or fire safety education, please contact:

John P. Marcus, Certified Fire Protection Specialist

University Fire Marshal

Department of Risk Management and Safety


284 East Avenue

Burlington, VT  05405

(802) 656-8249

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