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Fire Barriers and Smoke Partitions

Fire Barriers and Smoke Partitions


Used in construction for many purposes, including separating occupancies, isolating hazardous areas, enclosing an exit or creating a shaft, fire barriers have a fire-resistance rating in hours, specified by the code. Depending on the purpose, the fire resistance can be as little as half an hour, or it can be one hour, two hours, and, in some cases even three hours.

Space Heater Guidelines

UVM is committed to providing safe facilities for working and learning while managing the environmental and economic costs for those facilities. UVM heats workspaces to at least 68°F during periods when they are occupied.

Due to the risk of fire and the adverse costs and effects of increased energy use, portable space heaters are strongly discouraged in UVM buildings. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, space heaters are associated with 21,800 fires and 300 deaths annually. 

Responding to Emergencies

Emergency Response at UVM
In Case of a Fire or Immediate Threat of a Fire

1. Pull the building fire alarm.

Fire Safety Equipment

University of Vermont buildings are equipped with a variety of fire protection systems.  These systems provide for the safety of the occupants, and tampering with these systems is a civil or criminal offense.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fire-Related Resources

Additional resources for information about fire prevention and fire safety:

Vermont Division of Fire Safety

The Center for Campus Fire Safety

Campus Fire Watch

Fire Extinguishers

University of Vermont buildings are equipped with portable fire extinguishers.  For a printable guide to fire extinguisher use, click here. Physical Plant's Life Safety Systems staff check fire extinguishers monthly. 

Contact the Fire Marshal

For information on fire prevention, fire safety, or fire safety education, please contact:

John P. Marcus, Certified Fire Protection Specialist

University Fire Marshal

Department of Risk Management and Safety


284 East Avenue

Burlington, VT  05405

(802) 656-8249

Fire and Life Safety


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