Safety in Workshops and Machine Shops

The formula for managing safety in shop environments is much the same as it is in other work areas or laboratories.  The purpose of this web page is to outline the framework for building a Shop Safety Program.

Based on the UVM Laboratory Health & Safety Policy definition of "laboratory" all workshops and machine shops will be managed in essentially the same manner as a laboratory.  Specifically, the hazards and risks are more physical and mechanical by nature.  However, guidance for program management will mirror the long-standing lab safety program that UVM has relied on for many years.

The Shop Safety Program is built around the same values of Safety, Compliance, Productivity and Education that underpin the success of the Laboratory Safety Program.  Likewise, roles and responsibilities for program management are essentially the same as for any other laboratory and can be understood on the Laboratory Supervisor Responsibilities page.

To build and manage a Shop Safety Program, follow these laboratory best practices:


As this process is designed to guide safety programming in a vast array of working and learning environments, there will be components in each area that may not apply to the specific space for which the program is being designed.  Use these tools cafeteria style - pick and choose the applicable items and leave the rest behind.  This approach will provide a shop specific program foundation.

For tools that are shop specific, such as standards, self-inspection tools or training materials, see the links on the left and the right of this page.  As always, support is available through the Department of Risk Management & Safety and through the Lab Safety Coordinator assigned to your Department or College.  Feel free to call Risk Management at 656-3242 with questions any time.