External Review

External Compliance Reviews

External Compliance Reviews may be required by outside parties for certification of the compliance status of a particular laboratory. Granting agencies often require this third party verification of safety compliance before funding will be granted.

Contact Environmental Safety (ES) at safety@uvm.edu to schedule an external compliance review. We recommend you call to schedule this review 2 weeks before the submission date. This will allow our staff to schedule the review and allow you time to correct deficiencies.

ES staff will conduct the review at the request of laboratory management and based on laboratory audit items contained in the Self Inspection Cards.

ES staff will check for:

  • A copy of the current Laboratory Hazardous Chemicals of Concerns Inventory (HCOC);
  • Documentation that people who work in the laboratory (faculty, staff, students, visitors, and volunteers) have received appropriate training;
  • Use of the Self Inspection Cards each month; and
  • General condition of the laboratory in regard to High Priority Concern self inspection items (housekeeping, chemical labeling, chemical storage and compatibility, emergency preparedness, training and information, and waste handling).