Safety Policies

UVM Policies and Procedures

The following is a list of some of UVM's safety-related policies (click to download the policy as pdf).  You can view and download all official UVM policies at UVM Policies and Procedures Page.


Reporting Concerns

Direct or Anonymous questions and reports about compliance issues, unsafe conditions, violations of the University's Code of Business Conduct or other policy standards or requirements.


UVM Roles and Responsibilities

Laboratory Safety Roles and Responsibilities web page and on-line course explains the roles and responsibilities of the following:

  • President, Provost and Vice Presidents
  • Deans
  • Department Chair
  • Faculty, PI or Lab Supervisor
  • Institutional Safety Committees
  • Risk Management and Safety, Radiation Safety


For details about your role and responsibilities, please refer to page 3 and 4 of UVM's Laboratory Health & Safety Policy.


Compliance Plans


Oversight of Academic research and teaching facilities