Terrill Hall

Emergency Purge Button


Each lab in Terrill has a red emergency purge button. This lab-specific feature was designed into Terrill building to help increase ventilation in case of a chemical spill in the laboratory. It also allows for reduced levels of energy usage during regular working hours.

The purge button will override the lab ventilation set point and immediately ramp up or increase airflow into and out of the lab to exhaust odors quickly. 

When the purge button is pushed, exhaust ventilation increases to its maximum potential. 

PREPARE! Lab users should read the orange laminated card (pictured below) attached to the purge button before it is needed during a real emergerncy. Always remove the orange card hanging below the button as you leave the lab and call the number on the card (802-656-2649) to let UVM Physical Plant personnel know what is going on in the lab and why you hit the purge button. 

When the purge button is pushed, an alarm signal registers on a computer at the UVM Central Heating Plant. This lets Physical Plant personnel know there might be an emergency in the Terrill lab and allows someone to respond.









Manual Fire Pull Alarm 

Manual Fire Pull Alarms in Terrill are encased with a protective plastic cover. A local alarm will sound in Terrill when this cover is lifted; the local alarm is a "tamper" alarm to discourage students from foul play. 

Be sure to pull the manual push/pull alarm handle in order to sound the building alarm during an emergency. This will notify other Terrill occupants of the emergency so they can evacuate safely.




Natural Gas Shutoff Lever 

Terrill labs have an emergency natural gas shutoff in each lab. The gas shutoff is encased in a protective plastic cover. 

Only UVM Physical Plant personnel should touch this gas valve.

The gas shutoff valve is used when Physical Plant personnel are conducting maintenance or repairs.