Terrill Hall

Emergency Purge Button


Each lab in Terrill has a red emergency purge button. This button will override the 

ventilation set point in the lab and increase airflow to exhaust more air out of the lab.

When the purge button is pushed, exhaust ventilation is increased to its maximum potential. This lab-specific feature was designed into this building to help increase ventilation in case of a chemical spill in the laboratory and allow for reduced levels of energy usage during regular working hours.



Manual Fire Pull Alarms 

Manual Fire Pull Alarms in Terrill are encased with a plastic protective cover. A local alarm will sound in Terrill when this cover is opened; this is to distract someone who might want to "tamper" with the pull alarm when there is no actual emergency.

Be sure to pull the manual pull alarm handle to sound the building alarm during an emergency. The building alarm will notify other occupants of the emergency and they can evacuate safely.