Register Your Laboratory

Those already familiar with this process should go directly to  the online chemical inventory page.

The Online Laboratory Inventory enables labs to provide emergency contact information and information about laboratory hazards to emergency responders. This is critical information for Risk Management and Safety personnel, Burlington Fire Department, UVM Rescue, UVM Police Services and facilities staff in the case of an on or off-hours emergency. The information provided by Lab Supervisors in the online registration is a key part of the hazard assessment that must be completed before entering a lab area during an emergency situation.  It is easily updated by logging in with a UVM NetID.

Laboratory supervisors or designated Laboratory Safety Officers are responsible for completing the online registration.  More information about the roles and responsibilities of Lab Supervisors and Lab Safety Officers can be found on the Laboratory Supervisor Responsibilities page.

The online inventory contains information such as:

  • who is currently associated with or working in a particular location or UVM laboratory
  • the names and amount of hazardous chemicals stored in a campus lab or specific location
  • other specific information emergency responders need to know during an emergency response.

Online Inventory Documentation

The inventory should be updated bi-annually so that changes in personnel and chemicals can be made current. A printed copy of the inventory should also be kept in the Lab Safety Notebook. 

There are just three steps involved in completing the online inventory:

  1. Enter laboratory areas by room or group. Use the comment section to note any special information about your work or equipment.
  2. Identify who works in the laboratory or location.
  3. Note the general amounts of hazardous chemicals of concern stored in the laboratory on a routine basis.


How To Enter the Online Inventory

First, print a copy of the Hazardous Chemicals of Concerns and review chemicals in the lab with this list before entering the data into the online form. 

Then, go to the online chemical inventory page.

When you click on this link, a pop-up box will ask for your UVM NetID and password. (These are the same as those you use to log into PeopleSoft).   Note: If someone else has already used this form on your computer, you may already be logged into the system. Quit your browser and restart it to avoid this problem.

If you have any questions, contact Environmental Health and Safety at