New Equipment Installations and Building Modifications

Review new equipment installations and building modifications to ensure compliance with appropriate building codes.

Contact UVM Facilities Design and Construction (FD & C) before expanding or changing a current UVM (lab or non-lab) space. Without notifying FD & C, you may upset heating, ventilating and electrical systems in other parts of the building. Deans and directors are responsible for reviewing and prioritizing projects within their colleges and units and, in turn, submitting project request proposals. See the UVM FD & C website for more information.

Contact Physical Plant Department (PPD) by submitting a Famis Work Order before installing any large pieces of lab equipment. PPD can provide you with estimates for the services that they can provide. Making changes to your lab without notifying PPD can cause disruptions to utilities in other parts of the building. PPD can also help you make safe choices about building materials.