Jeffords Hall


Storage Limit for Flammable Liquids 

There is a 5-gallon limit on the storage of flammable liquids in each Jeffords building laboratory. This limit is based on fire code restrictions for a building of this type of construction.

For this reason, observing this limit is essential to the safety of all occupants and visitors. Always order flammable chemicals with the limit in mind. Risk Management & Safety can store extra flammable liquids that you may order if you have reached the limit in your lab. We discourage ordering cases of any chemical unless you are sure you will use the chemicals for your research within one year. Contact with questions.


Emergency Power backup

Red outlets have emergency power backup. These are often used for -80 or -20 freezers.  For more information about refrigerator and freezer management, go to Laboratory Equipment Safety.


Concealed Sprinkler Heads

Sprinklers in Jeffords are recessed so the sprinkler head is not visible. Recessed sprinklers are an automatic fire protection system that can distribute water spray from fixed location. The frangible bulb breaks when a designated temperature is reached. This permits water to discharge.


Fire Extinguishers in Hallway

Fire Extinguisher doors in the hallways of Jeffords feel like they are locked. However, if you need to use the fire extinguisher, pull the door very hard to open it.  UVM Life Safety staff can re-lock the door and refill the extinguisher after the emergency has passed. Have the department administrative assistant place a Famis work order to let them know you have activated a fire extinguisher.











Laboratory Gas Service Valve:  Shuts off Natural Gas to Lab from the Hallway

A local alarm will sound if anyone tampers with tthe door of the Laboratory Gas Service Valve. Please do not tamper with these shutoff valves. Only Physical Plant personnel should turn on or shut off and tag out laboratory gas valves. Keep the door closed and secure when not in use.


Magnetic Holder/Release for Fire Doors

Some fire doors in Jeffords have a magnetic release. These doors are permitted to be opened and secured magnetically. Should an alarm sound, the doors are programmed to release to help prevent a fire from spreading. Never prop open a fire door that does not have an automatic release, such as most lab doors. Learn more about why not to prop open a lab door here.


Basement Level Barricade

You may notice a barricade in the stairwell as you head down to the basement level.

This barricade is magnetically held open during regular business hours. However, it is programmed to automatically close if a fire alarm is sounding in the building.  The barricade informs occupants who are evacuating a building that they have reached their exit destination and to not continue running down to the basement level where they may be trapped in a building fire.