Jeffords Hall


Storage Limit for Flammable Liquid

There is a 5-gallon limit on the storage of flammable liquids in each Jeffords building laboratory, based on fire code restrictions for a building of this construction. For this reason, observing this limit is essential to the safety of all occupants and visitors. Always order flammable chemicals with the limit in mind.


Emergency Power backup

Red outlets have emergency power backup










Recessed Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler in Jeffords are recessed so sprinkler heads are not visible. See photo below (photo coming soon).


Fire Extinguishers in Hallway

Must pull hard on door to hallway Fire Extinguishers to open, if needed. UVM Life Safety crew can re-lock the door and refill the extinguisher if used.










Gas Valve Shutoffs in Hallways

There is a local alarm that will sound if someone is tampering with this and it is not an emergency. Close door and secure when not in use.