Incident Reporting

UVM encourages the reporting of all injuries and near misses in the workplace. This helps the Risk Management department to follow up with injured persons swiftly and to ensure that proper medical care has been received. Reporting also helps to prevent similar accidents from taking place in the future. 

Protocols for employees (those who receive a UVM paycheck) versus students (those who do not receive a paycheck) or non UVM affilliates differ slightly. Please review and familiarize yourself with the information below before an incident occurs.



How to submit injury form to UVM Risk Management

Download the Correct Injury Reporting Form 


Work-related injury response for UVM EMPLOYEES 

If you are a UVM employee who has had a work-related injury or illness (a condition that develops over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis), report it immediately to your Supervisor. Call 9-1-1 if immediate emergency care is needed. UVM Rescue will be on scene within minutes.

Employees who need non-emergency medical attention should report to one of two UVM occupational health services providers:

1) Concentra Medical Center: located at 7 Fayette Road in South Burlington, 802-658-5756, or

2) Champlain Medical Urgent Care: located at 150 Kennedy Drive, South Burlington, 802-448-9370. 

After immediate medical care needs have been taken care of, report the incident to your Supervisor and submit a First Report of Injury to UVM Department Risk Management & Safety.  Questions may be directed to 802-656-3242.

For more information about employee responsibilities and Supervisor responsibilities regarding incident reporting, please visit the Risk Management Department website describing the UVM procedures for On The Job Injury Reporting.


Work-related injury response for STUDENTS and NON-UVM AFFILLIATES

Non-UVM affilliates or UVM students who havs had an injury during a UVM activity or class, report to your Supervisor. Call 9-1-1 if immediate emergency care is needed. UVM Rescue will be on scene within minutes.

Students should go to the UVM Center for Health & Wellbeing for non-emergency medical care. Never go alone; take a budy to ensure you get there safely. 

If emergency medical care is needed, call 911 and have UVM Rescue transport the injured party to UVM Medical Center (UVMMC).

Always report the injury to your Supervisor as soon as possible. Questions may be directed to Risk Management Department at 802-656-3242.


How To Submit Injury Forms to UVM Risk Management Department

Supervisors should be notified of any injury. Scan and email the appropriate form below as soon as possible to: Fax # is: 802-656-8682.  

Risk Management is required to report employee injuries to the Vermont Department of Labor and Industry within 72 hours from the date of injury; UVM is subject to a penalty for non-compliance. 

Vermont OSHA reporting requirements can be found on the Vermont Department of Labor site. Additional OSHA reporting requirements may be found here.




Scan and email the appropriate form below. Send to UVM Risk Management Department so someone can follow up with you swiftly.


Form for Employees Form for Students and Non-Affilliates