Emergency Contact Door Sign

Emergency contact names and phone numbers should be updated regularly and posted on the outside of every UVM laboratory door.

UVM Physical plant personnel or emergency responders will refer to this signage when they are trying to contact appropriate lab personnel during an emergency.

Since emergencies often take place during non-business hours, the phone numbers listed on the emergency sign should be numbers where the person can be reached immediately (a cell phone, if possible). 

If there are security concerns and lab workers prefer not to post emergency contact information on the lab door, please be sure emergency numbers are listed correctly in the Laboratory Online Inventory. Emergency responders can also access this important information while on route to an emergency in your building. This information is not available to the general public.


Be sure to understand and train your staff to understand which emergency phone numbers to call for help.

Dialing 911 on a UVM land line will connect you to UVM Police.

Dialing 911 on a cell phone will connect you to a local Vermont State Police Barracks. NOTE: IDENTiFY YOURSELF TO THE DISPATCHER AS CALLING FROM UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. They will then connect UVM Police to the call. UVM Police will response quickly if you are on campus. 

Use 802-656-2560, option 1 for NON-emergency but a critical building service need. This number connects you to UVM Physical Plant Department dispatcher. UVM has staff on call to answer this line 24/7. Inform the dispatcher that you need a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician or Safety staff to get some help or advice. 802-656-2560 should be used for chemical spills and indoor air quality issues as well.

Shared Labs

The doors of shared laboratory spaces must be properly labeled by users. Equipment  or areas specific to lab groups must be labeled with the Lab Supervisor’s name and a contact phone number. Users should make sure there is a completed Emergency Contact sticker posted outside the door with current information should lab users change over time.