Cryogen Training


Training of Personnel Using Cryogenic Fluids

All personnel working with cryogenic fluids must be thoroughly familiar with the hazards. Employees who have not worked with cryogenic fluids and systems must be trained on the job by experienced employees until thoroughly familiar with safe methods of operation. A buddy system is recommended when working with or around cryogenic liquids.

The safety training should address:

• The physical, chemical and physiological hazards associated with cryogenic fluids

• The proper handling procedures for cryogens and cryogenic containers

• The emergency procedures required in case of an accident

• The reporting procedures in case of an accident

Each employee should also receive equipment-specific training if they are working with a piece of equipment that uses cryogenic liquids. The training should cover:

• Description of the equipment (use the manual) and its use

• Safe operating procedures

• Maintenance schedule and procedures

• Specific hazards involved

• Reporting procedure for incidents

As with all other training, cryogen training should be documented. Documentation, at a minimum, should include:

1) an outline of the content of the training provided

2) the date of the training

3) name of trainer

4) a dated training attendance list showing names of the trainees (typed or printed) and their signatures.


For more information, download a  "A general guide for the safe handling of cryogenic fluids as well as general approaches to safety training".