Colchester Research Facility


Fume Hood Proximity Sensors

Chemical Fume Hoods located in the pre-existing UVM labs of Colchester Research Facility have proximity sensors. The Phoenix Controls proximity sensor is located just above the sash on the face of the hood. If the sensor recognizes movement in front of the hood, it goes into an "occupied mode" which increases the face velocity of the fume hood to approximately 100 feet per minute (fpm). If there is no activity in front of the fume hood, the sensor goes into an "unoccupied mode" which reduces the face velocity of the fume hood exhaust to approximately 80 fpm, saving energy.  


In the renovated labs of Colchester Research Facility:

Emergency Gas Shutoff

Every lab is equipped with an “Emergency Gas Off” system. This consists of a large red mushroom switch on the wall labeled “Emergency Gas Off”. When this switch is depressed, natural gas to the lab will shut off. Only authorized personnel are permitted to reset gas flow once the “Emergency Gas Off” system has been engaged. Should you accidently push this button please contact Physical Plant at 656-2560 to have it reset.

Instances requiring use of EGO button:

  1. Smell of gas in the laboratory.
  2. Fire alarm.
  3. Earthquake, storm, explosion or other event causing structural damage which might compromise the gas piping system.

Note: The button should be pushed as personnel exit the laboratory.


Fume hood use

Fume hoods installed in the renovated section of Colchester Research Facility are designed and calibrated to operate safely at a face velocity of 80 linear feet per minute. Operating sash height for these hoods is 18 inches and is indicated by a marker on the sash opening. Should it be necessary to open the sash above the 18” mark do so slowly to allow the duct controls to adjust the air volume to the hood and maintain a safe working area at the face of the hood. When returning the sash to the 18” height, again do so slowly and allow the controls to stabilize (10-15 seconds) before resuming work. As with all fume hoods try to conduct your work at least 6 inches inside the sash opening.

When not in use, lower the sash to the lowest possible point. See chemical fume hoods for more information.


Cold room emergency alarms

In each of the new cold rooms (142, 177), a small, red push button is located next to the door on the interior of the cold room. When pushed, this button activates an audible alarm to indicate that someone is unable to exit the cold room. The button is reset by pulling it back out.