Chemical Spill Kit

The Chemical Spill Kit is distributed by the Safety staff and contains two absorbent gray pads, as well as nitrile gloves, Ziploc bags, waste tags, "Do NOT Enter" sign, and instructions for use. The kit must be kept full and in clear view at all times, and all laboratory workers must be trained in its proper use. To request a kit please email

There are several things to consider when deciding if a lab worker can handle a chemical spill cleanup themselves:

  1. Their knowledge of the hazards of chemical spilled.
  2. The percentage of the chemical in the solution spilled.
  3. The amount of the chemical spill.
  4. Whether they have been properly trained to clean up the spill


Contact UVM Police at 9-1-1 if immediate assistance is needed.

If immediate assistance is not required, and the laboratory worker does not feel confident in their ability to safely clean up the spill, call UVM Service Operations Support (SOS) at 802-656-2560, ext. 1 to speak with a dispatcher. SOS can contact the Safety staff immediately.

Emergency responders rely on lab workers' knowledge of the hazards present at the spill. Please be available to responders to provide as much information as possible to make the cleanup process go smoothly.

How to Clean-up a Spill - Spill Clean-up Steps

Small Spills (less than 1 L):

  • Don proper personal protective equipment, including eyewear and gloves.
  • Pick-up any broken glass, and place in a puncture-resistant container for hazardous waste disposal. When possible use mechanical means such as forceps or tweezers to pick-up the glass.
  • Using your laboratory spill kit, place absorbent pads over the spill and allow the material to absorb. Place contaminated spill pads in the container with the broken glass or in a plastic bag.
  • Wash the affected are with a mild soap solution and place any additional materials in the waste container with the broken glass and absorbent pads.
  • Remove disposable gloves and place in the waste container. Seal the waste container and label as hazardous waste. Tag with the white hazardous waste tag.
  • Remove additional protective equipment and thoroughly wash your hands.  Contaminated clothing or PPE may not be taken home nor laundered without additional precautions specified in regulations; contact Risk Management & Safety.


Large Spills (greater than 1 L):

  • Cover spill if possible to keep fumes down.
  • Evacuate the area, closing the lab door behind you. Post a sign on the door stating "DO NOT ENTER - CHEMICAL SPILL" (sign can be found in your Spill Kit).
  • Call Service Operations Support at 802-656-2560 and ask them to notify Risk Management & Safety.


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