Carrigan Wing of Marsh Life Science


Fume Hood Restrictions

The fume hood exhaust ducts contain heat exchangers. None of these fume hoods can support acid digestions. Please do not heat acids in these hoods.


Fume Hood Monitors    

Some of the fume hoods have SafeAire alarms that will sound if the air passing through the hood lowers to an unsafe level for the user. The readout on the alarm is based on colors; it does not show the actual airflow in lfpm (linear ft per minute). The airflow is at a safe level when the alarm readout is in the green. As the velocity weakens, the readout warn the user with a "warning" = yellow, and then unsafe levels = red. The monitor alarm sounds in the red.

Submit a Famis Work Order request if your monitor is alarming too frequently, It may need to be re-calibrated.