UVM's CATWatch Program

About the Program:

The UVM Department of Risk Management and Safety, in collaboration with UVM Police Services, are pleased to offer the CATWatch program. This program supports the planning efforts of campus departments for a variety of emergencies that may arise and require immediate response. As with any safety program, the institution's responsibilities for emergency planning can only be met with help and participation from departments across campus.

Program development work that is legally required to meet the OSHA regulation occasionally leads faculty or staff to make inquiries regarding personal liability. For this reason, this is a good time to remind all participants that they are not held individually liable for work that helps to meet UVM's compliance requirements as an institution. Work undertaken in the CATWatch program is covered by the UVM Officer and Employee Indemnification Policy found at http://www.uvm.edu/~uvmppg/ppg/general_html/indem.pdf

Steps for Program Implementation:

Contact Information

Practice Evacuation

Emergency Planning



1) Provide Your Contact Information:

The CATWatch Coordinator will complete a three-question survey to record key Departmental Emergency Contact information for your work area. Click here to complete this survey.

NOTE: If your department has multiple locations, please designate a CATWatch Coordinator and complete this process for each physical location. For example: Part of UVM Risk Management and Safety resides at 284 East Ave and another part at 667 Spear St - each location has its own contacts and a site-specific floor plan.

2) Prepare for a Practice Evacuation:    

  1. You will receive a link providing more information.
  2. Posted in your building will be a floor plan showing
    • the evacuation routes,
    • the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations, and
    • designated meeting places.
  3. You will be contacted regarding a date for a practice evacuation ["fire drill."]


3) Emergency Planning:

  1. The following information is optional.  It is provided as a resource for departments interested in risk assessment and emergency planning.  Complete the more detailed survey at the following link to better understand your risks and training needs for emergency planning. This is the link to the department specific risk assessment.
  2. Based on the risks identified in completing your survey, choose applicable topics from the CATWatch Program Training Materials to discuss at department meetings. To track annually required training, create a roster for department members to use as a sign-in. Keep a copy of the roster with materials reviewed annually for your training files.
  3. If you have a faculty or staff member that has special needs during an evacuation process, please contact firesafe@uvm.edu as soon as you begin your program implementation.
  4. If you add a new department member before your next annual review of the program and training materials, review all CATWatch information with them and add the documentation to your training file.


4) Updates and Program Maintenance:

  • Keep your department contact information current by re-completing the survey at least annually or as information changes.  Click here to re-complete the contact information survey.
  • Update evacuation maps as necessary based on changes in floor plans or meeting areas for your building.
  • Complete a documented training at least annually and whenever a new person joins your department. If you have visitors or areas in your department used for classes or meetings, post a current copy of the evacuation map including designated meeting place in a conspicuous area of the room.
  • Practice evacuations will be conducted at intervals determined by your specific situation.



  • General inquiries may be directed to the Department of Risk Management and Safety at risk.management@uvm.edu or 656-3242
  • Questions regarding evacuation protocols, maps and fire extinguisher training may be directed to firesafe@uvm.edu