Responding to Emergencies

Emergency Response at UVM
In Case of a Fire or Immediate Threat of a Fire

1. Pull the building fire alarm.

2. Evacuate the building through the nearest safe exit (elevators are not considered safe exits during emergencies); close the doors you use as you leave.

Note: The Fire Department has the power to direct UVM Police to arrest and/or physically remove people who do not leave the building when the fire alarm has been activated or an emergency has been reported.

3. Contact UVM Police at 911 from a safe place to let them know the details of the situation.

4. You may reoccupy the building when allowed by fire, police or authorized University personnel.

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In Case of an Injury or Medical Emergency

Call 911 to reach UVM Police Services;
They will immediately dispatch appropriate emergency medical services.

In Case of a Major Chemical, Biological or Radiation Spill

If the spill is an emergency (the spill creates health symptoms or forces the evacuation of the room), call UVM Police Services at 911. They will dispatch Burlington Fire Department and Environmental Safety Personnel to evaluate the scene.

If the spill is not an emergency (you need help cleaning up the spill, but can wait a few hours before it is done), call Service Operations, select 1, and ask them to page Environmental Safety staff for help in managing the spill.

In Case of Non-Emergency Critical Service Needs

If you have an unusual building situation that is not an emergency but which requires attention as soon as possible (for example, unusual odors without associated health symptoms) call Service Operations at 656-2560 and select 1 to reach an operator. On scene response to these critical requests occur within 20 to 60 minutes.