CATWatch Coordinator Role

The CATWatch Coordinators are an important part of UVM's response to emergencies.  CATWatch Coordinators are primarily "fire wardens" or "floor wardens" who act appropriately and professionally when an emergency occurs, and provide an identifiable point of contact for the exchange of information about an emergency.

CATWatch Coordinators should:

  • Be aware of exits and meeting places for their building(s) and during an evacuation direct building occupants to the appropriate meeting place.
  • CATWatch coordinators are issued emergency vests and should wear them during an emergency to identify themselves.
  • Relay information to emergency responders about anyone in the building who may require assistance or any known details about the situation.
  • CATWatch Coordinators should encourage building occupants to evacuate safely and quickly.  CATWatch Coordinators are NOT expected to conduct a thorough search of their areas.
  • CATWatch Coodinators should inform building occupants that they may not re-enter the building until allowed by emergency responders or authorized university officials.


The Department of Risk Management and Safety will post and maintain emergency maps in each building, showing exit routes, fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations and the designated meeting place(s) for each building. 

The Department of Risk Management and Safety is available to assist departments with safety planning and training including referral to other resources on topics such as crime prevention and workplace violence.

For more information about the CATWatch program, call the Department of Risk Management and Safety at (802)656-3242 or email the UVM Fire Marshal at  If you are leaving or changing your position at UVM and can no longer serve as CATWatch Coordinator, please notify the Department of Risk Management and Safety at the above phone number or email address.